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Albany, GA | There's something about TWINS

When we started our family, I was for sure that we would have multiples at some point. My mother-in-law is a twin and I have triplet uncles. Both sets are identical and were born without the aid of fertility treatments. Genetics had our back, so we were a shoe-in, right? As you probably already know, twins was not in the cards for our family, which I am okay with...but man, wouldn't that have been fun?!

In 2022 we had a few sets of multiples come through the studio in Albany and it was such a joy to work them. In July, the sweet Russell twins came to see me for their One-Year milestone. We did a set of beautiful floral portraits and then transitioned to a bubble-gum pink cake smash and splash! These little cuties were such easy models and really rocked their session!

Their mama ordered 30x30 framed wall art collage for her home and she squealed out loud when she saw the finished product! I know she will treasure seeing her baby girls on the wall for a lifetime. As they grow and change she has a big reminder of how sweet and snuggly they were at this stage.


In November, we had a boy/girl twin newborn session--let me tell you, they were absolute dream babies! At this stage they love to cuddle with each other, which makes for the most darling photos. And 3-year old big brother was all in--I just love his big beaming smile!

After their part of the session was done, Daddy took big brother out for some father-son time. Mama was able to catch up with some zzz's in the lounge while my assistant and I worked with the babies for their posed portraits. We have created a homey space for you to rest and recharge during the session--it feels so good when parents feel comfortable enough to take break there.

A couple of weeks after the session, we meet again for the Reveal and Ordering appointment. This was one of my favorites--when the slideshow was over and it was time to pick their favorites, dad said he wanted them ALL! The only thing we needed to do was pick their wall art. Their framed collage is going to be a stunning treasure of this precious moment in their family's development.

As we enter into a new year, I hope to have more multiples come through the studio door! If you are expecting or have a milestone coming up, let's connect! I would love to create heirloom artwork for you. Timeless images will never lose their value and documenting these days for you is my highest honor.


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