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Leesburg, GA Sneak Peek | At-Home Maternity Session

South Georgia has many amazing qualities, but if you've ever visited or lived through the summer here, you know the heat is hard to beat! Add in some humidity, afternoon storms, and gnats---welllll, I think you get the "picture." When Jessica first connected with me about setting up a maternity shoot in June, I was secretly hoping she would want to do a studio session so we wouldn't have to battle the elements. Ha! However, her vision was way better than mine, and I am so happy to share some of the amazing photographs we were able to create in their gorgeous new home.

Charles and Jessica are fairly recent transplants to the Albany area and are already making our community a better place through their work in the medical field. You don't have to spend too much time with them before you know they truly care for you and your well-being.

They were so hospitable from the moment we met, and I had no doubt we were going to have fun together! We started off their portrait session inside their home, finding pockets of beautiful light in different rooms of the house.

We pushed around furniture and pulled curtains back and forth to get just the right light for silhouette portraits. We turned around and used that same light to give mama the perfect glow!

After some snuggly photos on their chaise, we moved into the office and took advantage of the large windows and flood of light.

We did go outside--who can resist golden hour?? Even though it's June, we were blessed with mild temperatures and the occasional breeze. We did have to battle gnats---but those are just southern glitter! It wouldn't be Albany without a little gnat bokeh.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into our session! The next time I see these two we will be documenting their new little one in the studio-- and you know I can't wait for that!


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