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Albany, GA | Sneak Peek: Byne Christian School Photos

Here in South Georgia, the school year is in full swing and fall is in the air! My studio and shooting schedule has become increasingly busy and I'm looking ahead at a LOT of fun sessions. Kicking off this week, I had the best time working with the awesome students at Byne Christian School! We not only took traditional yearbook photos, but the students also had a chance to show off their personality with silly, cute, and all-around adorable faces. Even a few teachers jumped in on the fun!

I often do these silly face portraits with my own children, and they look great as a series! I have a few framed on the wall that we've done over the years. As much as I love a good posed portrait, when you ask a child or teen to make a funny face at you--their whole demeanor relaxes and you get to really see who they are!

I hope you love your students' yearbook portraits as much as I love capturing them for you! Packages and gift products such as keychains, mugs, and ornaments will also be available for purchase. Your student was given a QR code to bring home which gives you a personal access code to view, select images for the yearbook, and purchase your favorite prints.

This year's ordering system is designed specifically for school portraits, which should ensure a seamless experience. If you run into issues, please check out the FAQs section when you log in. Don't forget, if you order by October 9th, you'll receive 5% off your order!

I'd also love to invite you to our Family Portrait Event on November 19th. It will be held in a greenhouse full of poinsettias! If you are interested in updating your family portrait I'd love for you to join me. Every session includes a set of 25 custom holiday cards.

Register here:

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