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Georgia Photographer | Dance With Your Heart

Recently another photographer friend asked me about my "photography bucket list" and it inspired me to begin really thinking about it. What types of images do I want to create purely for myself? What images inspire me to continue to grow on this journey and stretch beyond my comfort zone? What do I desire to put out there for the world to see?

As I pondered, I grew excited as I realized I had one of these "bucket list" sessions already queued up on my calendar! Several months ago, before this bucket list concept was introduced, I began the conversation with a friend about bringing her daughter over for a shoot...she is a wonderful dancer. Now, I am no ballerina, but I have always been fascinated by ballet and the beautifully graceful coordination of the dancers.

I set up the largest backdrop I had and positioned my light! Visions of Degas' ballerinas were dancing thru my head...and then my sweet friend showed up. I realized I had no idea what to ask her to do! Thankfully she gave me grace and we started off slowly...

Wow! We could have stopped then. When I peeked at the back of my camera after firing just a few shots I couldn't help but let out a squeal! You know I was mentally checking off that little box on my bucket list.

As she struck her poses and I shot the images, my nerves left and we enjoyed experimenting with form and movement!

What a beautiful subject, both inside and out! My sweet ballerina friend made this little experiment so fun! We are even talking about exploring some of our urban areas for another shoot. Hopefully I will have more ballerinas come thru my studio soon! I'm thinking this could be a new niche. :)


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