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Leesburg , GA | A Joyful Adoption Story

The journey to parenthood is not always a straight path. My husband and I were surprised by fairly easy pregnancies, while we watched others who we loved struggle with infertility. On both sides of our clan, we have seven members who entered our family through adoption (including my husband's grandmother!). And as many of you know, adoption is a pathway that can bring both sorrow and immense joy--I am happy to say that today's story is a joyful one! Though the details aren't mine to share, I can tell you that I have witnessed the beauty of true love and happiness over the darling baby girl that has joined the Holway family.

Joy contacted me as they were in the early days of their adoption, and as we chatted I felt an instant connection. It became clear that this was more than a portrait session; it was an opportunity to create cherished art documenting one of the most intimately beautiful moments in this family's history.

For the time being, I cannot share photographs with baby girl's face, but I can show a few detail shots from their session. Mama is a gifted flower grower (you must check out Joy's Cut Flower Farm!), and the morning of their session she brought me a bucket full of fresh flowers to play with and incorporate into the session! Man, what fun I had working to feature them! Ahead of their session I was even able to make a headband with dried "Autumn Joy" sedum, which has special meaning to their story.

Adoption has touched my family in many ways, and I have always felt a connection with those who bravely journey this path. I look forward to watching this baby girl grow up surrounded by love and joy.

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