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Leesburg, GA Maternity Photographer | Puppy in the Picture

My answer will always be YES to including your pup in your session! If you're like me, your family dog (or any pet!) is a part of the family and it only makes sense to include them in your portrait session. If you have a certain "pose" you'd like to incorporate, I'm always willing to try it; but just like with children, there are no guarantees of cooperation from your four-legged companion! That said, treats, squeaky toys, and a nice leash often do the trick to get the shot we are after.

German Shepherd Maternity Mother Pregnancy Belly
Blitz is eagerly anticipating his new baby brother

This beautiful boy did wonderfully at our maternity session. Because we chose to do the shoot on their property in Leesburg, it was easy to put him back in his enclosure when we finished up his portion. If you bring your dog to an unfamiliar location, the best practice is to bring someone who can act as "handler" when the portion of the shoot with pets is over. We always go over the details during your consultation at my studio to make sure the best course of action is in place.

Family Pet German Shepherd Maternity Photo Shoot
Blitz takes the lead

This is just a sneak peek for now! More photos to come following this family's newborn session! As part of the Baby's First Year plan, their maternity session was complimentary.

[PRO-TIP: When paid in full, Baby's First Year plans include your maternity session--and if you're patient, you can combine the maternity and newborn Reveal & Ordering appointments into one! IYKYK]

Married Couple Expectant Maternity Pregnancy
Rachal is stunning in our boho lace gown from the client closet!


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